From our family to yours, we welcome you to Sallet's Northwoods Outfitters.

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Our Story


Sallet’s Northwoods Outfitters celebrates the magic of the Up North spirit. You can’t find it on any map, it’s simply where ever you land alongside one of Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, or forests.

Our vision for Sallet’s was simple: we wanted to create a shopping experience that invokes memories of the good times spent in the Northwoods. We may not know each other but we are connected by the lakes, green pines, and the outdoor adventure-land we cherish.

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Minocqua, a seasonal regular, or live in the area year-round, Sallet’s has the apparel, gifts, and décor for you. We focus on quality and draw inspiration from the memories we share along the shores of Minocqua Lake. From my family to yours, welcome to Sallet’s Northwoods Outfitters.

Lake Life

Lake life is ingrained in my family’s culture.

Growing up, we had cabin fever all winter long and longed for summertime. Although we only spent a short time at Lake Minocqua each summer, the memories we created here have lasted a lifetime.

Learning to waterski on a wooden disk behind the old fishing boat. Catching turtles amongst the lily pads. Taking boat rides into town for ice cream and one more tank of gas. Fishing off the rickety dock. Ending long days with campfires and s'mores.

Like so many families who share similar Up North memories, we hold them close until we meet again at the lake.

Sallet's Resort on Lake Minocqua

Sallet’s Resort was on the Northern end of Lake Minocqua nestled on a small cove, Huber Bay, that felt far away from the rest of the world.

My grandparents brought my mom and her three sisters to Sallet’s for the first time in the summer of 1949. My Grandpa came to Northern Wisconsin to fish.

My Grandma and her girls came for everything else -- to breathe in the crisp air that smelled like pine, to listen to the loons calling across the lake, and to watch the sunsets so spectacular they didn’t seem real.

My mom and her sisters fell in love with the lake and everything about Sallet’s. They swam, fished, boated, and hiked. They even built imaginary forts in the trees that grew out over the lake – the same forts me and my cousins played in when we were kids.

Summers at Sallet’s shaped the people we became. Outdoor enthusiasts. Nature lovers. Sunshine worshippers. Adventurers. We grew up knowing that life is always better at the lake.

Although Sallet’s Resort is long gone, the memories still flow through generations of my family and the Northwoods continues to provide us with the most unforgettable vacation retreat.


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